Welcome to the Hazardous Waste Management Services Program. As a new program user you will have access to a web-based data management system that provides a comprehensive suite of online tools and functions that will allow you to centralize and streamline the processes of managing hazardous wastes.

The Hazardous Waste Management Services Program is modular allowing it to provide a different set of tools and functions depending on the type of waste entity using the program. The program is organized into a module for waste generators, a module for federal and state regulatory agencies and a module for waste management service providers. A “Waste Management Service Provider” is a transporter, a treatment storage disposal facility, or any entity that provides waste management solutions and services to waste generators.

The following series of tutorials will provide instruction for the Service Provider Module of the Hazardous Waste Management Services Program. This will cover accessing the program, account management, client management, document generation and management, sending and receiving electronic documents and many other functions of the program.

One of the HWMS program's primary features is connectivity with other waste entities. The goal of the program is not only to allow the generator, broker or TSDF to manage waste streams and compile manifests but, to allow these entities to send and receive these documents electronically.